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Search Tips

  • In general, you can type in all or part of what you are looking for (i.e. typing the phantom will yield The Phantom of the Opera).
  • All searches are case insensitive
  • Names should be entered first middle last with a space between each name.
  • For names: last, first format is not supported. Only first middle last format is supported (first and middle are optional, but all must be seperated by spaces).
  • For any name that already contains a space (e.g. Andrew Lloyd Webber), bracket the part of the name with parentheses (") that contains the space (e.g. Andrew "Lloyd Webber").
  • A search will return all possible matches that fit the search unless there is only one match in which case that page is returned.
  • Theatre building searches are based upon the physical location of the building as opposed to the name (e.g. a search on the Helen Hayes Theatre will produce two results because the original Helen Hayes was torn down and the Little Theatre was then renamed to the Helen Hayes).